Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall 2009

October 14, 2009

Wow it has been awhile since I have written anything. I guess life happens and we get busy. Darius is now 6 and in well into his first grade year. He is doing great all A's & B's his Dad and I as well as his teacher are so proud of him. Last Friday the 9th we celebrated our 6 year anniversary of Darius' forever family. When Darius came @ 4 months of age as a foster child we had no idea what God had in store for our family. Darrell and I just knew God is faithful and whatever happened it was in his hands. Well sometimes God just knocks your socks off...Darius never left our arms and we completed his adoption by his 1st birthday. Now 6 years later we are living proof of answered prayer. We will be forever grateful to Darius' birth Mom who chose us to become his forever parents. Darius has begun to ask some questions about his adoption and his life prior to coming to live with us. I answer them as honestly as I can without giving him more information than his little mind can comprehend. So now 6 years later here are some of his favorite things....playing soccer, his dog Rocco and legos, hotwheels cars. He also loves to be outside and his favorite place is my parents pond or farm. He is all boy 100% of the time and I wouldn't change him if I could although, if he had another speed besides wide open occasionally that would be nice. Time flies when your having fun and we are having lots of it at our house. Our favorite holidays are just around the corner and my family has alot to be THANKFUL for! God is still faithful and working miracles in our family.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer with Darius

Thursday June 6, 2009

Today Darius and I took a trip down town to the Art Museum. He always amazes me by his interest in all things. Today he wanted to "tour" the museum not just go straight to the kids section. So we toured and he just soaked it all up. We then had lunch with Grammy @ Moe's then made a few quick stops and came home. Darius was in an "artsy" mood today so we came home and drew pictures for about an hour. I am having so much fun staying home with him during the summer. Everyday holds a new and exciting adventure with him, I just can't wait to see where we land each day. Don't get me wrong I do "plan" some of our activities just not all of them. I know these days will not last long...he's growing so fast. Next week he will be 6 years old just seems like yesterday he became a part of our lives! I am so blessed to have been "chosen" to be his Mommy! I thank God for him!